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God’s Word Through Film

Sharing the word of God is an important and an integral aspect to a growing life in Christ. As Christians, it is important to understand that God wants us to spread his word and help in making the world a better place. As trends change in technology, we strive to find more innovative ways of spreading the gospel and drawing people closer to God. We established Bread of Life Productions, a non-profit video production company, to help us reach out to people across the world and spread God’s word.

At Bread of Life Productions, we only produce faith based films that carry dependable and true teachings from the bible. We are very committed at ensuring we enhance and help more people understand the word of God through film. We have an extensive variety of high quality videos with a great diversity of information that all powers our growth in Christ. In every production we set out on, we endeavor to offer teachings that helps you understand the most fundamental truths of scripture and grow your love for God.

All our films are produced with emphasis on scriptures from the bible. We have good experience and backgrounds in Christianity and we are very passionate about discovering more about God. Most of our time is spent reading his word, and in our production we majorly use volunteers who also have deep understanding of God’s word. This makes our company an ideal place to help you in growing in the Lord.

To make our videos more accessible, we offer them free of charge to any one across the world. Churches, communities and individuals can count on us to provide them with the best films about the gospel. Our pride is to have a great population of people who keeps the word of God central in their lives.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You bring your script to life

Bread of Life Productions
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